Dec 12, 2006

Interesting Observations

Although the election is over, I would love to share with you some interesting observations about the election.

1. As far as I know, there is none candidate stating clearly that he/she will nominate Donald Tsang as a candidate for the next Chief Executive in their platform. At least not for the IT sector.

2. But there are many candidates declaring they will support Alan Leong, or, as there might be other prospective candidates running for the CE Election, declaring that they will not support Donald Tsang clearly.

3. The IT Voice team stated at the beginning of the campaign that they will not nominate Donald Tsang. Up till this moment, nobody has given any pressure to us for this explicit pledge. The “pressure” theory may be a bit exaggerated.

The fact is, there are still a big support to Donald Tsang from the public, so why, why candidates who support Tsang did not pledge to their voters? This is the catch.

Remember, the final voting for the CE is anonymous, but the nomination is named. So, whether a member voted for Donald Tsang at the final stage is unknown, but the nomination is known.

Any candidate who clearly state their stance is worthy of respect, like one candidate of the financial services sector, he announced, though after elected, that he will nominate and vote for Donald Tsang. For those not, well, I think they are trying to lure voters, and later use their nomination as “chips” to exchange for interests. Imagine this scenario: If Alan Leong got 99 nominations, then his/her nomination will become crucial. This might be the sole reason why the majority of candidates do not pledge to their voters about the only role of the Election Committee. Are they running for their own interest? Because if they pledged, there leaves no room for negotiation.

This system is, rotten.

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