Dec 9, 2006

Letter from a voter

Below are my answers to questions from a voter. I hope you understand how excited I am getting responses from voters … Please do write to us, or call me at 94631261!!

Dear 選民 ,

Thank you for writing to me !!

> 你贊成曾蔭權繼續做特首嗎?

Some might think Donald is good. Some might think Alan Leong is good. It is not about I support Donald Tsang as CE or not. It is about the system, that by the current setting it suppresses competitors at the nomination phase. We commit to try break that by nominating, together, a secondary candidate to compete with Donald Tsang. That candidate will very likely be Alan Leong.

The cornerstone of democracy is the right to choose, and the right to have choices in the first place.

> 你支持曾蔭權繼續做特首嗎?

I think Donald and Alan are both good candidates. Who shall I vote for depends on their platform and their commitment. But the first thing is, I commit to nominate a second candidate. If things won’t change, I will nominate Alan Leong. In any case, I will NOT nominate Donald Tsang, not because I think Donald is not a suitable person, but just an attempt to make it a Contested CE Election.

> 你支持梁家傑選特首嗎?你會提名他嗎?

Yes I support Alan Leong to run for the election. And I support any other capable candidate to run too.

> 你贊成2012有雙普選嗎?


Lento Yip
Candidate 33

To make the CE Election a contested one, please vote on me and all candidates of IT Voice!! 3, 10, 18, 30, 33, 35.

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