Mar 15, 2007

傳媒舉辦的特首選舉論壇 The CE Election Forum by the media

I watched the whole forum with some members of IT Voice and some friends. It was a wonderful debate. Donald had improved a lot while Alan had kept his performance. To me, Alan had a small victory over Donald. Donald’s EQ still has room to improve. Secondly he has to learn to speak to his bosses, not as the boss.

The most important point is the public could attend and raise questions, though 198 people is too small a number when compared with the population. The cross-sector CE Election Open Forum opened 1000 seats to the public. It was the real open forum! Yet Donald failed to attend.

I was impressed by Alan’s closing (see 「希望」在你們手中 Instead of attacking Donald more, or begging for a vote from EC members, Alan encouraged people that Hong Kong have already won the battle. The Hope is in our hands.

Alan had done a very good job already. I salute to his courage to come out to take the challenges. He might have a lot of shortcomings but he had proved to the world that his competitor is nothing better -– merely a job hunter! Alan had already forced Donald to look into better environment, small class instruction, faster response to criticisms of GST, King Arthur Lee vs. School of Education, etc. Donald critized Alan is full of empty wishes but he is not aware that in a contested election, he has reactively responding to the pressure of the people. To me, Alan has implemented his platform by pushing Donald to incorporate these in his platform.

The highest applause should go to the citizens! The quality of the questions asked tonight is higher than some EC members on Mar-01. Don’t forget that these citizens in the forum are randomly drawn. The response from the radio phone-in had proved that people (whether for Donald or for Alan) have good reasoning. They are more logical than Mr. Stanley Ho. With such a high quality citizenship, who say HK is not ready for democracy?!

The contested CE election had really moved Hong Kong forward. I have indeed learnt a lot which is very unexpected. I believe this is a miracle, which we -- the two candidates, democratic parties, we EC members, citizens, long hair and all others -- created for ourselves.

Our next venue is not in the voting hall of AsiaExpo Centre, but on the street. Come and join the 318 March for Universal Suffrage!

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