Mar 6, 2007

Voter's Question

ebin Says:

What about the theory that the Communist Party is afraid that free election in HK will lead to similar demand in the Mainland, which could put the Communist Party’s rule at risk?

lento Says:

The economic system of China is proven so far. But the political system is becoming more and more of a hurdle to growth of China. Some might say the power of the party is primal that anything putting that to risk shall be suppressed. But time rolls forward. The world economy is becoming more and more interwoven. Communications technology tears down all borders. Suppression would just starken and defer that conflict.

Yes I know. The key is power. The key is money. The status quo of high economic growth and tight political control might be optimal for those terms - at the moment. But building and defering conflicts within billion people is not for the long term I believe. For true longetivity of that power, the ruling party needs to win the love of people.

Political reform would be the key, but it could equally be risky. However, we have a very suitable test ground to start - HK.

I am in no way against the ruling Communist party. I was born in China, spent my memorable childhood there and all I could remember about the Party were positive. I am also very amazed by its achievement for the billion people, and I truly understand that the current situation - suppression of speech, suppression of religion, etc. are the result of all the constraints around. This is natural. Game theory. What I heartfully hope is that the Communist Party could transform itself to a party that we all love, a Party that most people would love to engage, a Party that emboses a great name in history of our great motherland.

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