Mar 24, 2007

Who should I vote – the criteria I consider

It is vital to Safeguard Secret Ballot. In this regard, we should respect each person's right of secret ballot.

IT Voice had clearly declared we would enable a contested election by a bundled nomination to Donald's opponent. We did it!

Next, we promised to a transparent process which I hope our clear platform, our Blog, our ITEC networking event and our reply emails have been providing such function.

Next, which candidate will IT Voice vote on March 25? Well, we had said that we would not use bundled voting. We let everyone to decide oneself without intervention from others. We keep communication though. Since I do want to respect secret ballot, I am not going to disclose my and my partner's voting. I will, instead, disclose my criteria in voting. If you read from my words who I vote for, that is your matter.
My analysis cannot represent anyone else in IT Voice, I must state, though I had discussed with some of them.

Reference 1: IT Voice Platform
  • We have in common the IT Voice platform which is divided into the Democracy and IT Development sections. This is a ruler we use to measure the candidates' platofrm.

    Reference 2: Promises of the Candidates
  • Alan has promised democracy with a development plan. Donald promised to settle political reform in the coming term of service,. Yet he provides no clear proposal, but passing the ball to Beijing. He did not even mention what is meant by "settle".
  • Alan had also adopted the IT policy proposals of IT Voice and published it on his web site. On the other hand, Donald has not promised the IT proposal we tabled. He only promised to discuss after the election.

    Reference 3: Openness to accept opinions
  • Both Donald and Alan had visited a number of EC members and organizations. But Alan is more willing to attend any group’s event. Alan attended over 20 forums and Donald attended only 2.
  • Alan also attended the cross-sector election forum organized by over 100 EC members while Donald denied such important event. There Alan had listened to over 10 groups of underprivileged groups. I must say Alan has landslide advantage in this aspect.

    Reference 4: Policy Debate Forums
  • Donald and Alan had face to face challenges in two forums, one closed door organized by 40 EC members and another by 8 electronic media with 200 citizens.
  • On debating and presentation skill, Alan won the first with landslide and has a small victory in the second. However, I personally won’t give a lot of marks for winning in the debating skill.
  • On the content, Alan presented a good challenge to the administration philosophy of Donald and his self-satisfaction of achievement. Donald presented his experience and relationship with central government. Alan had a good vision and Donald had good implementation experience. Both Donald and Alan lose marks in quoting figures, for which Donald’s was out of my expectation. So Alan has a small victory overall.

    Reference 5: Personal preferred focus
    This is different for each of 6 members of IT Voice. I personally look at democratic reform as major consideration. So a vote to favour democracy is more important than a vote to a better IT policy. I also think any policy should benefit Hong Kong as a whole and not just IT sector.

    I will vote for a better and more democratic Hong Kong.

  • Some people give vote to the candidate who has a higher probability to win and implement the platform. Well, to me, this view is just horse betting, not my criteria.
  • Biggest victory was to the audience of the open forums for their high quality questions.
  • Second biggest victory goes to the civil servant for Donald’s policy clearly was their good job.
  • Both factors stongly support a faster democracy.
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