Mar 14, 2008

IT Voter registration IT選民登記(Video 1)

IT選民登記,你登咗未? 5月16日前登記做IT選民,就有權於今年九月立法會選舉投票選出IT界議員! 你都快D登記啦!


1. 登記做地方選區選民
2. 加入指定的IT專業團體做會員
3. 填妥功能界別選民登記表
4. 於5月16日前把選民登記表傳真或寄到選舉事務處



IT voter registration, do it before 16th of May! Registering as an IT Voter gives you the voting right to choose the next Legco Councillor for the IT Constituency !!

4 simple steps to become an IT voter:

1. Register as a geographical constituency voter
2. Join as a member of an eligible IT professional body
3. Fill in the Functional constituency voter registration form
4. Return your forms to Registration and Electoral Office by fax or post before 16th of May

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