Dec 4, 2006

NTK Road Show 牛頭角站見

Today, we tried to meet voters at Ngau Tau Kok MTR, hoping to give our flyers to those who work at Millenium City. I found lots of fun in that 1.5 hours. The “good morning” greet line was most welcomed. Most of them smiled, some of them cool, and some of them disgruntled. The proportion was about 5:3:2 respectively. The exciting thing was most of the elderly people, though not likely voters, were VERY keen to take our flyer … may be they have lots of free time, or they are the learned population knowing the importance of democracy and freedom to their children? As the clock approached 9AM, the pace of people just accelerated, walked faster and faster, as anticipated. The result is we dispatched 600 flyers, a bit of achievement !!

We have another road show tommorrow morning. I want to join badly, but have to take care of my full time job …

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