Dec 5, 2006

My Mass E-Mail to Voters

Your vote gives Hong Kong choices

A 30-second message ..

I am Lento Yip, Candidate 33 of the Election Committee ITFC Sub-Sector Election. If elected, I commit to:-
  1. Nominating a ’secondary’ candidate to compete with the incumbent for the Chief Executive position of Hong Kong
  2. Reporting to voters and the public of all my work and activities with the Election Committee on this blog
If you think I am doing the right thing, please vote for me and 6 members of IT Voice on coming Sunday, 10th December 2006!! If not, please still exercise your precious right to vote!!

If you want to read more about me or contact me, please visit my blog at

If you do not want to receive further e-mails from me, please send a blank mail to

33 號 葉旭暉: 我的承諾 - 提名第二候選人 - 在網誌報告工作


我是選委會資訊科技界候選人 33號 葉旭暉。若我當選, 我承諾:

  1. 提名一位候選人與現任特首競爭行政長官一職
  2. 在我的網誌 上披露選委會的工作
若你認同我的做法, 請於 十二月十日(本星期日) 投我及與我相同理念的「IT 呼聲」成員一票。不認同我, 也請你去行使你的投票權!!

如有興趣看我的政綱及個人資料或聯絡我, 請到我的網誌


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