Dec 6, 2006

What a hectic decision - 不再推介銷售稅 ?

I perceive the announcement of halting the promotion of GST as two things. One, GST is indeed a bad thing overall. Two, this administration actually had not carefully thought about the effect of GST before stirring up the public debate. Although I myself strongly object to GST, I understand and very well accept there are supporters to GST, and am not really very happy about this abrupt halt because it only means:

  1. This government does not stick to what it believes right, or
  2. This government may not even care what is truly right for the public,
  3. Whether the government believes GST is an overall good thing to HK in the first place became doubtful after this sudden act
  4. It became even more doubtful at this moment in time.

Why? Because this government is not accountable to the people of Hong Kong, because we have no means to change this government even if we think it is not capable. And, this is the mission impossible that we are on right now … please give us just a little support, and vote on 10th December 2006!!

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