Jan 14, 2007

Donald Has Declared His Intention to Run as CE Candidate

Finally decided to go check out the Alan Leong walkathon ( today. As I approach the venue, there strapped along the fences are "battle flags" (resembling those of ancient Chinese armies) with the Competition ForCE (角力) logos. This lead in immediately caught my attention and suggested to me that this is going to be a 宣戰 event. Of course without disappointment, Alan, in his short speech iterated that this is is a formal 戰書 to Donald, and that given his comments at various events recently, he has essentially declared his interest to run as a candidate for CE, therefore, there is no reason to delay further.

Looking at the election rules (which Alan is of course much more familar than myself), Alan seems to be right. By the statements Donald made at the Legco Q&A session and other reports, Donald has essentially declared as a candidate already. And most likely is starting to incur election expenses as well.

With this, Alan formally challenges Donald to a policy debate under a fair and open forum. He also went on to suggest Rita Fan (范徐麗泰) to be the moderator. By an open forum he further described that the forum must be accessible in person or via live electronic media by all citizens of Hong Kong.

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