Jan 14, 2007


As I continue the walk upon the battle-cry charged speech by Alan, it suddenly dawned on me that the Chinese version of Competition forCE: "角力" must in fact be no other than a play on the Chinese character "勇". With the circle around the logo, the "(勇)", along with the battle themed flags, the symbolism is clear.

But is "心口一個勇字" enough to move the masses? Now that the battle-cry is hailed, what steps will Alan take to create, illustrate and demonstrate the "stark contrast" between his vision and Donald's for Hong Kong?

I was chatting with someone the other day about the comment that Donald made about vision with practicality... of course he believes that Alan's vision is nothing but a far-fetched vision and cannot be implemented... because he believes that Alan will not be elected...

Elected or not, I hope Alan will put forth a vision that Hong Kong people will be willing to rally behind. If we all wear a (勇) on our chest, no matter who is CE, the people will find a way to implement the vision.

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