Jan 16, 2007

Maybe We Should have CE Election Every Year! (What wonders some competition brings)

First, we have the announcement that the Antiquities Authority Board (古物諮詢委員) will be reorganized to take into consideration opinions "from every single person" (part of the commitment during Donald's CE Q&A at Legco), now we have new "內地孕婦入境措施" to address the issue of mainland parents giving birth in HK:

下月執行內地人產子新措施 (明報) 01月 16日 星期二 04:30PM -- 政府由二月一日起實施內地孕婦入境措施,確保本地孕婦優先取得服務,來港產子外地孕婦限制在可容納水平。

Next up maybe some program to clean up the air?... ah... maybe a timetable for all buses to switch to low emission fuels... o wait... no, Alan already said that... shucks... How about banning smoking on pedestrian pavements?... but then again, GST bill is already thrown out... what can be used for bargaining with the Liberals?...

Well, maybe we should have CE Election every year!... but will we have a competed CE elections every year?...

What wonders some competition brings :-)

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