Feb 20, 2007

CE Election Forum is ON! 特首選舉跨界別選委論壇如期舉行

We hope Donald can give us a positive reply on the invitation to cross sector forum.

News from CE Election Forum web site. 特首選舉跨界別選委論壇消息

Gong Xi Fa Cai! We bring your a good news on the first day of the Year of Pig.
恭喜發財! 豬年初一大好日子,為大家帶來好消息。

Previously we had a problem with the venue (Academic Community Hall of Hong Kong Baptist University). We had dealt with it in a rational and persistent manner. Since we had followed the proper procedure all along, we finally secured the venue. Thank for the concern of the general public and the media report.
先前論壇的場地(香港浸會大學大學會堂) 出現過一點問題,我們以平和理性和堅決的態度去處理,兼且我們一直遵從所有手續,所以最終是有驚無險。多謝市民的關心和傳媒的報導。

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