Feb 15, 2007

We requested to meet Donald 我們正約見曾蔭權

IT Voice is requesting a meeting with Mr. Donald Tsang to discuss about democratic development and IT development. We have opened our schedule to Mr. Tsang, hoping that he can squeeze one hour in his tight schedule to meet us. We will base on our paper “The Information Society We Want” and some recommendations of democratic development to talk with Donald. We hope Donald can accept our proposal.

IT Voice正約見曾蔭權,我們希望和他討論民主發展和資訊科技的發展,我們任由曾先生開出適合他的會面時間,相信在他緊湊的日程中總能擠出一小時的時間罷。我們會以「我們所要的資訊社會」建議書為基礎,加上有關民主發展的意見,開展討論。我們期望曾蔭權先生能接納我的建議。

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