Mar 25, 2007


Congratulations to Mr. Donald Tsang for winning the election. However our discontent with the current system, at least Donald came out a winner by getting support of 649 EC members, and also won significant support of the public through his campaign. And I am very glad to hear Donald restating again and again of finding an 'ultimate solution' for direct elections within the next five years. I hope he could stick with his promises.

And, sincere thanks to voters, EC members and Mr. Alan Leong who made this contested election possible. This poll outcome today was anticipated at the beginning, but HK people had the process, the debates, and a chance to build their individual ideas about politics, about their own rights, and about direct elections.

Today, I cast my vote at about 9:20AM. There was a waiting area for EC members to have some snacks, do some socializing, and wait for next round of voting if needed. Thoughts flashed through my mind when I was there ... I saw a significant portion of the 800 EC members there, some big shots, some celebrities, and some EC members wearing old style suit and shoes ... I did not discriminate for or against any of them at all ... I am equally weird too afterall, but only that this group of people certainly did not look similar to ordinary HK people that we meet in the streets, and this is the circle of people who pick the next CE for the 7 million people of HK, and these people could fit in nicely-in a 6000 square-feet area. Now at the finale I became one of them … should I feel glad ? Or otherwise ?

I am not going to do a morality preach here, I am not qualified to do so either. I respect that many of the EC members do not agree with our quest for 2012 direct elections, just like I do not agree with the approach that Long Hair takes ... but I respect his choice and persistence. Direct elections are built on the foundation of respect to individual choices, and the quest for direct elections is indeed a quest for harmony. I hope and I trust Mr. Donald Tsang would not read the quest for democracy as conflicts between ranks again. Lets look forward to Mr. Tsang’s “big show” to a more harmonious and democratic society in the next 5 years.

Long Hair in costume ...

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scleung 梁兆昌 said...

I have to explain a bit the symbolics of Long Hair's dressing because I had asked him.

1. Bow Tie -- Donald, you know why

2. Pig mask -- Big brother Napoleon in Animal Farm of George Orwell

3. Long Nose -- Pinochet the liar puppet

4. Skeleton -- Chinese (White Bone Ghost, bad )

5. Yellow Dragon Gown -- Emperor's clothing, mean

I asked him, why don't he put on the Scarf (symbol of Alan). His answer was amusing. "I have dropped it. "S**t!" Long Hair said.