Mar 3, 2007

The Rule Of Law

Donald blasted Alan, "I read that Alan is suggesting all problems could be solved by Law, seemed like suggesting that Lawyers should rule HK".

This is outright lack of the quality for CE of HK, by my humble opinion.

I parked my car not right, I shall be punished HK$320. Thats law. I paid tax late and I am fined 10% penalty, thats Law. I cannot smoke in the bowling alley giving me a drop of 20 pins average. That was also Law. All and every matters about HK is written in the Law. What exactly was Donald trying to say ? Right now in HK, do we actually solve problems in accordance to the law ? Can you give me an example of one single problem not solved by the law in HK, Mr. Tsang ?

Be it Rule Of Law or the evil Rule By Law, there still is the "Law". I am expecting better quality on you, my next CE.

Corollaries for brain storming.

To Sin Chung Kai: "You are saying that wireless network gives more convenience. Seems like you want IT people to rule HK's communications"

To Choi So Yuk: "You advocate minimum wage. Seemed like you want to be Queen of Labours."

To Francis Yam: "You said the US-Peg is the foundation. Seems like bankers rule HK's finances."

To Cheung Man Kwong: "You said small-class education is good. Seems like teachers should rule education."

To Ho Hau Wah: "You said gambling helps Macau's economy. Seems like casino runners should rule Macau."

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