Mar 2, 2007

What we want is the right system

SC is straight to the point: We are striving for a better system.

We do not particularly favour Alan Leong or Donald Tsang. We are asking why the people of HK, the 7 million, be striped of their right to collectively choose an Chief Executive for HK. On this solitary point Alan Leong gets my favour.

It is widely believed that our motherland does not want to grant this right to people of HK. Well, I don't think so. Or at the minimum, our motherland is more opened minded than we think - as Alan said, look how Donald became "blessed" though he was labelled the "British Camp". Our motherland and the Chinese government is not the force that keeps us from direct elections. Use your common sense - our national army is stationed in HK, and people of HK do not have a history of rebelliance at all. So why is there the theory going all around ?

The answer, I believe, is that there are a group of people wanting to keep this state - The state of illusion that HK people asking for universal suffrage is against the interest of China, the state of this small circle election, the state of HK people being robbed of their voting right. Only at such state could they continue to be important, and continue to keep their influence to the administration for their own interest - political interest, business interest.

Come on HK people, don't be fooled. Come on our motherland, don't be fooled. I understand human beings are born to be selfish. But, life has a limited span. How come some people could exhibit selfishness so sheer ?

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