Mar 1, 2007

Election Forum without public participation 在沒有市民參與的選舉論壇上

I had attended the Mar-01 forum organized by 40+ EC members. This was the first CE Election Forum and it was broadcasted by electronic media. The downside was that not a single common citizen could attend. The forum was divided into 4 parts: (1) opening, (2) questions drawn from Election Committee members, (3) questions drawn from email/fax and (4) conclusion.

In terms of population, pro-democracy EC members were of minority. Even worse was that most questions were drawn by the other camp (by the God's hand?). However, pro-democracy EC members had asked questions more up to the point. We also clearly spoke out these questions were for those underprivileged class who could not enter the venue.

In general, Alan and Donald could answer to questions to a satisfactory level. But satisfactory is not enough for CE candidates! Donald's weakness was on Direct Election , environment protection and education. Alan's weakness was on the economy.

Alan made a good opening. He started with his growth from a lower class child, to a successful professional today, to bring out his passion to preserve HK 's system (Good enough). Then he took a sharp turn to give Donald a hard blow on Donald's several policy weaknesses. Alan had given Donald sufficient attacks such that Donald was busy to defend all along. Donald seemed to lose patience to develop more his strength in administration and a detailed platform. He argued on points which Alan could revert easily and he had failed to control his time well. So Alan led from the 1st to the 4th quarters.

Alan must have increased his confidence after this debate. The wounded Donald should evaulate his presentation and be more patient next time.

But tell you, a successful debate won't change the fact. Some people will not vote for the best CE for Hong Kong. They have decided (or have been told) to vote a blessed candidate. This is our current system!

The most productive thing we do as EC member is to expose this problem to the public. One day you do not have the direct election, you continue to watch the show but not editing the screen play script.

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