Dec 30, 2009

We, the members of IT Voice, wish you Happy New Year!

The Hong Kong Government's proposal for the 2012 constitutional arrangement has fallen short of our people's aspirations for universal suffrage and true democracy. Ghost of functional constituencies past, present and future just wouldn't go away. How much longer can Hong Kong wait?

1001 March Banner

On January 1, 2010, IT Voice invites you to walk hand in hand for democracy, for the future of our next generation.
Assembly Time: 2:30-2:45pm
Assembly Place: MTR Exit J2, Central Station (next to Chater Garden)

IT Voice will also organize an open forum in January for the IT sector to discuss the proposal in the Government's constitutional reform consultation. Please stay tuned.

Once again, we wish you and your family peace, health and happiness in 2010.

IT Voice*

IT Voice Group Photo
* (From left) Chester Soong, Dr Robin Bradbeer, Charles Mok, Sang Young, Francis Fong, Prof Joseph Ng, SC Leung, Lento Yip, Dr Joe Yau, Edmon Chung

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