Feb 7, 2010

給鄭汝華的一點回應 Eva Cheng -- some reflections on your 1st FB trial


** I want to post to your wall but not successful. Here I write it **

I keep reading your FB "forum" at Good that you recognize the voices in cyber world. However, you have not got good response in the first trial. Some immediate reflections:

1. Hire someone with social media experience. Any youth in the forum can do better than your high paid PR people in this aspect.

2. Do not think that people don't understand you. May be you don't understand them (either).

3. Do not treat netizens as a single group. This is not functional constituency. You alienate them as "not on government side" then you will alienate yourself from citizens this way.

4. Netiznes are just citizens on the net. They have differences. They have different opinions at different times. They will agree with anybody who can convince them.

5. To encourage people to communicate with you,

- Let offensive comments staying in your wall. Do not delete them.

- FB is about 2 way communication. Do not make people feel like speaking to a wall

- Sustain the FB channel, not closing it in 3 hours.

6. The UK Govt has a "Petition the Prime Minister" (channel. It is a good example of how Govt can get feedback from citizens.

Really hope this is not a PR show. Hope to see you soon on FB again.

A citizen, a netizen.

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