May 15, 2010

Please vote on 5.16 to convey a strong message demanding democracy

Dear friends in IT,

This is a video summarizing the history of HK people fighting for democracy and universal suffrage. There are many familiar faces in the video, only that they were young in those days.

2012 We are Ready 粵語版 MV 爭取2012雙普

You might note that Tsang Yuk Shing of DAB reiterated in this video that DAB's stand was to support having universal suffrage before 2007 & 2008 and they even put it in their party constitution. But they changed their constitution afterwards, and DAB today is even saying that Functional Constituencies does not violate democracy and can be conserved.

Our Chief Executive Donald Tsang promised during the CE election 2007 that he would resolve conflicts in political reform, “hitting it big”, within his term of service. Now he said this cannot be done within his term and HK people should be "realistic".

What have we learnt? Hong Kong people are disappointed and have a feeling of being cheated repeatedly for years. Yet democratic reform has to be approved by the minority few with vested interests. It reminds us a similar depression in 2003 with Govt's push for Article 23 legislation and economic setback overlapping with SARS impact.

This history told us: people's power is the only chip in our hands. If we shy away from expressing our demands, we are done losers. The pan-democratic legislators, though having different tactics in the way they fight for democracy, are united in bringing the people's voices to the LegCo demanding for a real democratic package.

As citizens, one simple thing that we can do is to give a strong support to them, by sending the HKSAR Government and Beijing a strong message of demanding universal suffrage and abolishing the Functional Constituencies.

This simple and strong message can be conveyed by casting your vote on 5.16.

Hong Kong needs you. Your next generation needs you. Please vote on 5.16.

The IT Voice Team

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