Nov 29, 2006

The Red Tape

This election thing is tedious but alleged having a reason.

The Registration and Electoral Office requires that we provide copies of all promotion materials that are election related. If the material is a web site, we need to provide a ‘copy’ of the web site on CD. The catch is, “any updates to the site must be reported”.

Of course there are legitimate reasons to request this. The thing is, there are technical difficulties,

1. Web site is normally not simple HTML. This blog is a database plus a set of applications. Even if I copy them to a CD, they cannot reproduce the web site on their desktop PC.

2. Blog is a dynamic thing. It is updated frequently, by the author and also by its readers. How practically could I report for every update ?

I get around the first by using a piece of free software called HTTrack to copy the whole thing to the CD, but it still does not mimic all the stuffs entirely. For the second point, I learned that updates could be reported within 7-days. That means I need to make a copy of this web site to a CD, fill in a form, and send them to the Registration and Electoral Office every 7-day.
Anyway …

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