Oct 14, 2009

Donald, you are wrong, both in attitude and gammar

(明報)2009年10月14日 星期三 12:20




Firstly, the grammar of pan-demo banner is correct. This is a banner showing to Donald and talk to Donald. Note the word "your". That means "Donald, (you) keep your election promise."

Secondly, if we say "Bow Tie keeps your promise" this becomes descriptive sentence about a fact. Then we have double fault, firstly, the world "your" should be replaced by "his". Second fault is, pan-demo is not telling a truth.

But to the end, the biggest issue is not the grammatical error, it is the CE's attitude towards the public opinion. He ignored the main context -- the challenge to his governance -- and pay attention to irrelevant points.

If all AOs acts like him in handling complaint letters to Government, we got no social problems solved but grammar checks.

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