Apr 11, 2010

IT Voice Post-budget Forum 預算案後論壇

In the Post-budget Forum on April 8, 2010, IT Voice met with IT practitioners to talk about different issues including the financial budget, Internet allowance for underprivileged children, eLearning, eGovernment, facilitating development of knowledge economy, the need for data protection and information freedom legislation. We also noted other follow up actions on COIAO consultation stage 2, digital copyright, RTHK governance and self-determination. Participants were reminded the importance of voting for genuine universal suffrage at the 5.16 by-election. We welcome your further input. Please email us at

在4月8日的「預算案後論壇」,IT Voice 和業界朋友有較深入的討論,內容圍繞預算案、上網津貼、電子學習、電子政府、促進知識型經濟的發展、數據保護和資訊自由立法的需要。除此以外,我們還會跟進淫審第二期諮詢、數碼版權、RTHK的管治與自主。我們提醒參與者 5.16投票,爭取真普選的落實。歡迎各位給我們意見 ,電郵是

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