Jun 22, 2010

IT呼聲: IT界2010政改意見調查 (IT Voice: Survey on 2010 Constitutional Reform for IT Practitioners)

各位 IT 界的朋友:

立法會將於星期三討論政府提交的政改方案, IT 呼聲希望諮詢資訊科技界別人士對當局原先提出及現時民主黨爭取的方案,及對功能組別最終存廢的意見。煩請各位進入以下網址:


IT 呼聲

Dear friends of the IT sector:

The Legislative Council will debate on the political reform package proposed by the Government on Wednesday. IT Voice would like to solicit IT practitioners' views on the original Government proposal and the subsequently suggested amendments by the Democratic Party, and views on final removal of functional constituencies. Please follow the link below for the survey:

Your help will greatly assist reflecting the opinion of the IT sector. Thank you for your attention and participation.

IT Voice

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