Jun 24, 2010

IT Voice: Report of Survey on 2010 Constitutional Reform for IT Practitioners

IT Voice: Survey on 2010 Constitutional Reform for IT Practitioners

(1) IT Voice has conducted a poll on the 2010 Political Reform, seeking the views of the IT industry. The objective of the poll is to provide the views of the industry so that our LegCo representative would make his decisions in this political reform accordingly.

(2) The poll was opened at 02:00 of Jun 22. We used mailing list, IT Voice blog ( and Hong Kong IT groups on Facebook to promote the survey. Over half of the responses were received in the first 12 hours
Jun 22 14:00 (12 hours) 406 responses
Jun 23 02:00 (24 hours) 612 responses
Jun 23 14:00 (36 hours) 672 responses
Jun 24 02:00 (48 hours), 703 responses

(3) This survey report was based on the data collected after 48 hours.

Q1. Agree to the Eventual Removal of Functional Constituencies?
82% Yes
18% No

Q2. Support Government’s original proposal
21% Yes
79% No

Q3. Support Democratic Party's revised proposal
55% Yes
45% No

Q4. Do you have other opinions to add?
204 respondents (30%) did write their opinions, some very detailed.

(4) The Government package is surely unpopular. The Democratic Party (DP)’s package has got 55% support. However, in 20 people, there are 11 supporting DP’s proposal and 9 against it. There was a remarkable split of opinion.

(5) Out of 389 respondents who supported the DP revised proposal, 280 respondents (72%) supported the eventual removal of FC. That means most people accept the District Council FC proposal only as a temporal solution and was expecting it be replaced by universal suffrage ultimately.

(6) From Q4 open ended question,
- Quite a number of respondents (61 of 204, i.e. 30%) reiterated the importance of abolition of FC and replacing with universal suffrage.
- Some respondents (19) have conditions in supporting the DP’s proposal, namely, there should be low nomination barrier, removal of appointed district council, and removal of separate vote counting in Legco for non-government bills.
- 17 people asked for deferring the decision to allow for clarifications and sorting out the devils in the details.

(7) In only 48 hours and very limited promotion within IT sector, we have achieved a very good response (703 questionnaires). This indicates IT people are very eager to have their voice heard. Furthermore, some IT people have complained that they were not consulted by their IT representative in this important policy of Hong Kong. We suggested that more open consultation be conducted in the IT sector to solicit views on different policies in the future.

Project Team - Survey on 2010 Constitutional Reform for IT Practitioners
IT Voice

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