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Hong Kong Computer Society
Information Technology Division of the Hong Kong Institution of
Association for Computing Machinery, Hong Kong
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., Hong Kong Section, Computer Chapter27667640

(Chapter Chairman)

(Chapter Chairman)
Instituteof Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., Hong Kong Section, Hong Kong Joint Chapter on Circuits and Systems / Communications23674747

(Chapter Chairman)

(Chapter Chairman)
The Institution of Engineering and Technology Hong
British Computer Society (Hong Kong Section)Please
refer to
The Hong Kong Association for Computer
Hong Kong Society of Medical Informatics
Hong Kong Telemedicine
Information Systems Audit and Control Association (Hong Kong Chapter)
Internet Professionals Association
Professional Information Security

For corporations
Hong Kong Information Technology Federation
Hong Kong Internet Service Providers
Hong Kong & Mainland Software Industry Cooperation Association
HongKong Radio Paging Association Ltd
Internet & Telecom Association of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association
The Society of Hong Kong External Telecommunications Services Providers
Information and Software Industry Association

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