Nov 27, 2008


Here is a factual report of a recent news about the ITFC Legislator's mistake on UEM Ordinance.

Samson Tam, the ITFC Legislator made a comment after a Facebook case.
「立法會資訊科技界議員譚偉豪接受本報查詢時表示,相信Facebook這宗案件能起阻嚇作用,但因屬民事訴訟,未必確保能收到賠償。他表示,香港自從 07年實施《非應邀電子訊息條例》後,市民就可以申請登記唔收垃圾郵件,暫時都未見到有人起訴,情況不算嚴重。他又說,根據上述《條例》,市民登記後仍收到垃圾郵件,可以向電訊管理局投訴,「條例依家仲處於分階段實行狀態,所以當局係接到某一機構不斷被投訴先會作出起訴。」

In that comment, he made several obvious mistakes (by obvious, I mean an average IT person should not be confused):
1. He said the OFTA has a no-call-registry for email for citizens to register
2. He said there is no complains for the no-call-registry for email
3. He said the ordinance is still not fully implemented
4. He said OFTA will only "prosecute" when receive more calls on a certain

His comment had caused a lot of reflections on the blog.

譚生,你係唔係IT界代表嚟架 (Martin Oei)

電訊管理局多得IT戇豆唔少 (Lam Tin Wai)

「市民就可以申請登記唔收垃圾郵件」,吓!? (Charles Mok)

I looks like a joke for this so called Mr. IT Beans. Clearly some other legislators will laugh at such colleague from ITFC. The credibility of concerns from IT sector via his mouth is highly degraded. I am also worried that citizens are misled by Samson because of his role as a legislator. I did not see Samson clarify and apologize to make a chance to clarify his mistake.

Come On! You are the Legislator...

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